Foster FAQ

Foster homes can mean the difference between life or death for some of our dogs. These generous families play an important role in the work we do here at Save-A-Bull Rescue. By helping dogs that others have given up on, fostering demonstrates compassion-in-action and shows the world that the lives of these dogs matter. 


Q ~ Where does Save-A-Bull get their foster dogs?

A ~ We primarily rescue dogs from across Arizona, but are always open to rescuing dogs from out of state! Typically, most are hours or days from euthanasia. We screen dogs carefully before placing them in foster homes. We look for stable personalities that match what we like in our own pets: gushy and affectionate, trainable and eager to please, well socialized and dog tolerant.

Q ~ How much time & effort is needed?

A ~ It depends on the dog you foster. Puppies are more work than adults, but adults generally stay in foster care longer. Most of our dogs take an average of 2-6 months to place, but some can take longer to find their perfect match. Since this can be a long-term project, we look for foster parents who are patient, stable and realistic about what they're getting into. You are literally changing the world one dog at a time, and change doesn't happen overnight.

 Q ~ I'm afraid of getting in over my head with a dog I can't handle. Do I have to worry about this?

A ~ We're careful to match fosters with dogs that meet their skill levels. If you've never fostered before, we'll probably give you a lower energy "beginner's dog." We'll work together to decide what kind of personality would be right for your situation, and then we'll support you so you feel comfortable with your foster's progress. We want you to have a fun experience with this project! By fostering, you'll be increasing your own dog skills under the guidance of a group of people who know and love the breed, and you'll have the satisfaction of making a real difference.

Q ~ Can I foster if I have pets already?

A ~ We love when our fosters have dogs at home - well socialized, of course. Some have cats, too. Your pets will likely play a big part in helping your foster dog acclimate to life as a house pet. But no matter how well your foster gets along with your pets, we'll require that you keep them separated when you leave to ensure everybody behaves.

Q ~ How will I ever let go once I get attached?

A ~ If you get really attached and if it turns out that your home is a perfect match, you do have the option of adopting your foster dog. Most are happy to see their fosters find their FURever home. There's no greater joy than knowing you saved a life and seeing that deserving dog finally get his or her very own person.

Q ~ Do I have to have experience with dogs?

A ~ No - previous breed experience is not a requirement. If you can demonstrate that you're willing to follow directions and learn new skills, we'll match you with a starter dog and give you all the support and guidance you need to enjoy your adventure together.

 Q ~ What will be expected of me as a foster home?

 A ~ Most rescued dogs have had zero training before they land in the shelters, so it's usually up to the foster home to do the work of teaching good house manners to make him more adoptable. This is no small project and includes exercising, house training, socializing and enforcing basic obedience skills. By making the foster a part of your family during his time with you, you'll help him transition seamlessly into his forever home once that perfect match is made. You'll never be alone with this work however, and will have a team of people (including your dog's representative and trainer) supporting you and working closely to help you along the way. 

Q ~ Is it possible to work full time outside the house and still foster?

A ~ Yes! Most of our adopters work full time, so your 9-5 routine will help prepare the dog for this lifestyle. If you do work long hours however, it's important that you make sure you have enough time and energy to give the dog the attention and exercise it needs when you are home.

Q ~ Who pays for the dog's care?

A ~ We do! Save-A-Bull Rescue will provide a crate, collar, leash, tag, toys, treats, food, and cover all vet bills and training. 

Q ~ What if I need to leave town for business or vacation?

A ~ Our network of volunteers and fosters chip in to pet sit the group's foster dogs as the need comes up. 

Q ~ How do I get started?

A ~ Complete a foster application at Once you submit it, we'll contact you via phone. If you're ready, we'll do a home visit and choose a good candidate that matches your household. We might have one in mind already, or we may take a few weeks to find the perfect one. Thank you for considering to be a foster parent with us!